Last night while sitting in Club Bart watching these guys play some tunes, it occured to me through a random chain of thoughts that I can barely explain, that it might be really fun and inexpensive to build a container home in Detroit. By container, I mean the actual steel rectangular boxes that cart goods in to our sea ports. Companies often sell them off used because of a surplus in their stockyards. Then once I have my hands on some, take on the world’s coolest DIY project by creating a house out of one to four of the actual containers. Here are some examples of what I am talking about.

Think about it. Detroit is an oasis of opportunity. Land is cheap. Space is no concern. Shipping containers don’t cost much. Dealing with the city might get interesting, but it can’t be that bad. I document all progress, steps and stages involved with acquiring the container(s) and the build-out to be made available to others so that it creates a scalable, easy-to-follow procedure. And maybe people use the containers for other things– studios, workspace, offices, playgrounds, space stations, gardening shacks, pool halls— oh geez. This could get cool. Anyone know where I can get some containers around here?