Here are a few causes, projects, ideas, contests and otherwise that you might consider supporting in Detroit. In all but one instance, support doesn’t even include money. That’s right, just a couple mouse clicks. Here we go.

1) The Imagination Station is a new non-profit kicking butt on its first project in Detroit: the demolition of a house destroyed by arson, the creation of a public art space on its foundation, and the green renovation of the abandoned house next door into a community media center. Their are costs associated with the tools they need to break down the houses, renting dumpsters, replacing the roof, etc etc. Give a dollar or give twelve-hundred. Check it out on Kickstarter.

2) Budweiser is doing this “Band of Buds” contest whereby they are trying to crown the best group of four friends from random cities across the country. As it just so happens, the four gals from Detroit are kicking a fair amount of ass. The winning group gets a hundred grand in prize money and a spread in Rolling Stone. One of the anchors of these girls’ campaign is that the want to use the money for businesses and otherwise in Detroit. I mean geez, in their “about” section of the girls’ team description they go out of their way to promote cool projects and initiatives that are happening in Detroit. Vote for them. You do not have to sign up for anything or put your email into a form, just hit the vote button.

3) The Pepsi Refresh Contest is taking roughly a million dollars a month and contributing money to projects that are making a difference in a lot of different ways all over the world. I just learned of another Detroit entrant that definitely needs your support to get the prize money. They want to build a playground at Central Detroit Christian (a community development corp) and do some projects with the kids. Give a vote for them and make a difference.

4) Details are still being worked out, but a new DL! mural project is in the works that will be revealed soon. If you have any household (exterior or interior) paint that you would be willing to part with, give a shout: Having paint ready and available at little to no cost just means the positively driven messages will be up quicker for everyone to see. To get a sense of the sorts of things that have been done before by DL! in the mural realm, check this out.