One of the goals all along with DETROIT LIVES! has been to pick out very traditional outlets and funnel in a very progressive and forward-thinking message. Social media and film are something that people value quite a bit with both getting millions of hits. So, we decided to use them as tools to start getting people to think differently about Detroit. T-shirts, an often saturated fashion market, full of cliched statements and traditional norms, were an opportunity to spread a refreshing message, kind of like the folks at “Keep Portland Weird.” Old buildings in Detroit, mostly abandoned, seemingly with little sign of hope, became very traditional billboards capable of catapulting our positive message far and wide:

Needless to say, when I stumbled across this project— a campaign to raise money to erect a pro-Detroit message on a traditional billboard space– I was pretty excited. Loudsauce, seemingly a nod to Jerry Paffendorf’s excessive use of the word “awesomesauce”, is a crowdfunded media-buying platform that provides a launchpad for many similar versions of this project. Pretty cool. Check out the pitch video from the guys that want to do the painting on the billboard:

And here’s what the mural would look like:

Anyway, give ’em a buck or ninety if you feel so inclined, and stay tuned for more mural DL! mural news in the coming weeks as we try to cram a painting or two in before the cold sets in.