Alright, alright. So I’m on vacation right now and the blogs are kinda weak– ie, link regurgitation. But hey. Currently, I’m driving– passenger side– through northern Alabama. Just had some food at a Waffle House. Louie’s is still better.

Got caught up laying in a hotel bed reading reading this article discussing the arts in Detroit. It’s not your average run-of-the-mill, fly by approach to discussing Detroit. There’s some really genuine observations made about the city that ring quite true. Lots of great people discussed. Read the article here.

Next, Jerry Paffendorf talked with Model D. What resulted was a really great look back at LOVELAND’s efforts in Detroit. Jerry’s got a pretty fascinating vision for this city. It’s full of surprises, springboards, unconventional steps and growth possibility. His efforts along with Mary and Larry are pretty original and inspiring. See the Model D interview here.

I’d continue by talking about the recent development that Dennis Leary has stepped in as Executive Producer (ie, funder) on ‘Burn’– the documentary discussing the heroic acts of the DFD, but my head is sorta spinning from looking at my Smart phone. So read the article here.