Five things you can do from your desk chair on this wonderfully magnificent rainy Monday:

1) Vote for Mark Covington in the Energizer Keep Going Hall of Fame. Do that here. You can vote every day, and I would highly reccomend you incorporate it in to your daily routine. Not familiar with Mark’s work? Well, have a looksy.

2) Pledge some money for the latest DL! documentary film in Poland and Detroit on Kickstarter here. Be a part of creating some trans-Atlantic dialogue about reviving post-industrial cities, an issue that is very important. Every dollar counts people, and we really do need your help. Plus, you can get some cool stuff for throwing money in the bucket— DL! shirts, DVD’s, prints, VIP tickets, all kinds of stuff. Come to think of it, it’d be just downright magnificant if you posted something in your social networks to assist in the effort. Just sayin’–

3) Send an email to a friend that is coming to visit you soon in Detroit about having them consider the new hostel as their launch pad instead of your couch. That is, assuming you don’t have a guest room. Book that comfy bed here.

4) Listen to this soul gem coming straight from soul-laden Detroit in the 70s. Masterpiece’s “Love Affair.” Sure to put a punch in any grooveless soggy Monday. Guaranteeeeeeed.

5) Head on over to Noah Stephen’s Flickr account and look at the portrait series he is doing titled “The People of Detroit.” Not only are the photos engaging, but it’s a sweet little picture show of all kinds of walking goodness in Detroit.