So, things are progressing well with the documentary. Yesterday we were fortunate enough to get an interview with the President of Lodz– the equivalent of Mayor Bing in Detroit. We talked about the two cities, potential for collaboration and how we could actually do that, and then a discussion of policy that Lodz has initiated that has helped move the city forward. Otherwise, we’ve talked to business owners, designers, urban planners, bicycle enthusiasts, students, musicians, painters and just about everything in between. They tell an interesting tale of the city– industrial boom, steady decline and industry fallout– all followed by a mixed story of how the place is re-inventing itself. There are IT and tech-related firms doing interesting things with mobile technology that are setting up shop because of the abundance of inexpensive office space or bands that use the shells of its old buildings as rehearsal space (have a listen to one local band here). Then there are young business owners that use Lodz as a place to try the things they’ve only dreamed about. All in all, the story is similar to Detroit, the exciting part comes in discovering the details and how each city is actually executing all these ideas. Where can we stand to gain from one another’s actions? What kinds of information sharing can occur to help each of us out? What do actions in Lodz tell us about possibility in Detroit? And visa versa?

Throughout the process of being here, we’ve been lucky enough to do a couple radio interviews and have even garnered some press coverage. You’ll need to have some serious Polish language skills to fully understand them, so here are the links with some brief descriptions:

The Lodz Gazette posted an article in the paper discussing the idea of the film here. It discusses some of the similarities and a partner organization we are working with here, Topografie.

That organization posted some information about the film and photos of the production on their site here. They are also holding an event this Friday which I will be presenting at to discuss what the film has revealed so far and where the two cities could stand to work together more.

Links with the radio interviews will come soon as they are available. Stay tuned!