Of particular importance right now is the Detroit Institute of Art’s initiative to pass a millage in Wayne, Oakland & Macomb counties on August 7 that will provide $23 million in funding to the DIA. If it passes, free admission to residents in the three counties would be offered. It’s significant on a few levels, first as a push to promote regionalism, and that starts with efforts like this to stop drawing lines in the sand over territories. Second, as we push forward in Detroit nurturing the creative economy– 200+ new employees in 2011 and eight new firms locating downtown– it’s important to support the institutions that perpetuate that growth.

Organizations, businesses and individuals alike are showing their support for the millage in a variety of ways. One in particular, Free Art Friday (FAFDET), the weekly art scavenger hunt in the city of Detroit, is assembling its forces for an Art Drop on August 3. Instead of one artist hiding a piece for someone in city to find, scores of artists will be participating, leaving many pieces throughout the city for the public to find by following FAFDET’s Twitter posts.

If you’re an artist and want to hide a piece for the public to find, just write your contact info (Twitter handle, email, etc.), the hashtag #FAFDET and “Facebook: Free Art Friday Detroit” on the back of your creation. You can include a note
offering more instructions and direct the finder to the DIA’s artisforeveryone.org site. (Click here for a sample). Then go hide the piece somewhere throughout Wayne, Oakland or Macomb counties– and don’t forget to post a photo clue of the drop spot directly to the FAFDET Facebook page and tweet the same clue with hashtag #FAFDET.

For those in need of some new life on their walls or in their apartment, get ready to find some free stuff next Friday, August 3rd. And if you find a piece, tweet or post a photo letting the creator and the FAFDET folks know it found a home. And then, of course, go vote on the millage on August 7th.