A lot has happened in the last… oh… month or so. In list format, because let’s be honest, lists are so easy-peasy:

1) In late February, a pipe burst in our office space at the David Stott Building that flooded the space and rendered the building without power and mostly useless. Then I was quoted in the Wall Street Journal (glass half full!).


Emergency remediation crews respond to a pipe bursting at the David Stott Building in downtown Detroit.i

2) Moving out, or at least getting our core set of gear, workstations and hard drives out, was pretty interesting. And by interesting, I mean I walked about 300 floors worth of stairs. Read: Our office is on the 28th floor, there was no power in the building and therefore the elevator, so taking the ol’ fire stairs was the only way up or down. Fear not, however, we were still in reasonably good spirits (albeit with legs feeling like Jell-o) after making the first run of unloading gear.


The glorious group of men that responded very quickly to help remove essential gear from our dilapidated office space in the David Stott Building. From left: Brody Webster, Andrew Pixley, myself and Alex Lauri.

3) Given the above, it looks like we will be getting a new office. But fear not (not that you were necessarily as scared as I was at one point)! We’re on the doorstep of securing a new space, with details forthcoming once we’ve done so. But I am so incredibly excited with where things are headed and hope to have some big news soon!

4) Amidst all this, we’ve been very busy with a handful of fun projects in the last month or so. We had the pleasure of working with Loveland Technologies, a tech company and the age-old venerable Kresge Foundation— a brand spankin’ new client for us. Very exciting. Take a look at the two I mentioned, below.

So, anyway, thanks for reading this update after a relative period of silence. We’re still here, still kicking, still having fun… and hope to have some great news on our new office soon.