Jack Nicklaus just got done playing in the Turning Point Invitational here in Detroit — a tournament that ended up raising over $3.2 million dollars for education in the city.

The kids at Cornerstone Schools wanted a way to honor him.

So we produced the modern equivalent of a school play based on the great man’s life.

We had fun with it.


The kids researched his life and the arc of movie trailers. We helped them set up a green screen in the school and spent the afternoon playing with wigs and hitting invisible golf balls.

Then we recruited a stellar video arts student from CCS who was looking to get more experience in green screen animation.

It was a major win for everyone.

…and, I’ve gotta say- before this, I had no idea Jack Nicklaus did so much for charity. And in Detroit, no less. A city he is neither from nor frequently visits. Pretty incredible.

Take note, Hollywood. This man’s earned a big budget release. Let’s talk.


Play the video here: