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Ad Roundup: Less is More!

We’ve been hard at work lately on some edits for Chrysler as part of their “Portraits of Proud” video series. The campaign is a digital extension of the broadcast spots that Wieden + Kennedy did not so long ago (Peter Dinklage narrates!). It’s been a pleasant project working with the Detroit office of Mediabrands Publishing. So far, you can see two of the three videos, with the third being released in a couple weeks.

That said, we still like to see keep our teeth sharp with what’s going on in the world around us. Our latest round of video inspirons centers on the idea of simplicity. Less is more! Voila.

First, a swell ad from Scrabble. Indeed there can be “magic in words” it seems.

Second, the intro animation and music for Sundance 2015. This little bumper played before every screening at the festival and every time we heard it we wanted to volume up and dance.

Sundance 2015 Bumper from Andrew Lush on Vimeo.

Third, a simple challenge to a conventional norm that makes you think.

Until next time!

Love, DL!

Ad Roundup: Holiday Edition


We like sharing our favorite ads that inspire and inform the work we do. It’s like our little war chest of inspiration. We try to share them weekly, though sometimes that doesn’t always pan out. But fear not, for this installment of Ad Roundup we’ve gathered our favorite ads that involve the holidays. They’re fun, touching and awfully nice.

Take this as our love letter to you and yours– enjoy the holidays, have some fun, and be merry.

Ad Roundup: Can all airplanes be this dreamy?

We’ll call this weeks Ad Roundup up a rather quirky one. I’ll admit I am sort of nutty about airplanes and airports and frequent flying… and all that goes with it. On occasion, say, if I am flying out of the North Terminal in the evening, I will go a bit early to see Lufthansa’s big old A340 blasting off the runway on its daily service to Frankfurt. And yes, that’s probably a bit weird to most people. I can probably safely blame it all on my Dad who used to take me to airports as a kid where we would watch planes land and take off. In those days, you could get pretty close and in the off-chance you caught one of Northwest Airlines’ 747s landing at DTW from either Tokyo or Osaka it was quite a spectacle– to say the least. The wall in my office is adorned with an Airbus A380 for crying out loud:

Ad Roundup Can all airplanes be this dreamy?

Anyway, this week’s Ad Roundup focuses on some dreamy visuals of airplanes and how cool that can be… And yes, for the record, we want to do some of this type of work. Ha.

Thanks for stopping by.


Wolfe Air Reel from 3DF on Vimeo.

LOT Embraer 175 “RetroJET” – Livery Timelapse from PaweĊ‚ Szczypek on Vimeo.

Ad Roundup: The Shock Value of Wieden + Kennedy

Wieden + Kennedy, the global powerhouse ad agency, has had a rather explosive week on the circuit and dominates in this weeks Ad Roundup. Their new ads for GAP directed by Sophia Coppola are getting a lot of attention, and many ad industry folks are calling their latest ad for the Honda Civic perhaps the most innovative approach to automotive advertising in 2014. W+K is well known for their knack with shock-advertising: they create a moment on screen that stops you in your tracks and in turn creates a memorable moment for the brand. It’s worked wonders for their ongoing work with the GAP– most recently with the Coppola ads, and not long ago with those directed by David Fincher. With Honda, the rather simple innovative approach to the video is that it contains a dual storyline– revealed if, and only if, you hit the “R” button on your keyboard while watching.

Happy viewing!


Honda’s “The Other Side” for starters– click the image below to be taken to a separate page to view the video (it’s not able to be embedded).

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 5.13.24 PM

And the most recent set of ads directed by Sophia Coppola for GAP:

Ad Roundup: Sprite, Spotify and IKEA. Oh my.

For this week’s Happy Halloweeny ad roundup we’ve gathered some fun ads that we’ve been digging lately. There’s no discernible trend to glean from this week’s bunch, just some brands doing good work that we’ve enjoyed: Sprite taps Lebron, Spotify hits home with hair metal and IKEA Singapore cashes in with cleverness around Halloween. Here we go!

Ad Roundup: “Give Me Your Classics And I’ll Show You The Future”

So, I’m constantly watching video online given the nature of our work here. It’s fun and provides inspiration when we need to pitch or create work for clients. I am going to start regularly sharing some of the videos and ads I really like. I’ve just decided this right now, on a Tuesday night at 11:06pm while sitting on the couch with the Smithsonian Channel (“Aerial America”) casually providing noise in the background.

Last week on Facebook I wrote, “Gap’s new ‘Dress Normal’ ads are alluring in a weird way. Directed by David Fincher (Fight Club, Seven, Gone Girl, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), the series of four new ads have a cryptic storytelling approach with no clear beginning, middle or end.” My favorite of the four ads in the series is here:

This week I watched an ad from Reebok promoting their Reebok Classics line with a short film shot in the city where the shoes were born: Manchester. It’s reminiscent of the Gap ads with its off-kilter approach to storytelling, and it makes me wonder if this is the beginning of a larger trend for production companies and directors. The Reebok ad can be seen here:

I’ll keep this discussion ongoing and somewhat regular with thoughts on ads I come across which seem to be particularly good.