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DL! Featured in Crain’s Detroit Business

A special thanks to writer Amy Haimerl of Crain’s Detroit for a nice writeup on DL!, the work we are doing and our brand new office inside the David Stott Building in downtown Detroit. In the article, she discusses the humble beginnings that got the ball rolling for us– the shirts, the street art, the films– all the way through to us growing in to being a full service creative studio focusing on film production.

Click this link or the image below to read the article in full.

“After the Factory” Now Playing on Amazon Instant Stream

After the Factory Film Trailer from DETROIT LIVES! on Vimeo.

After the Factory,” the documentary we worked on in 2012 looking at solutions for post-industrial cities told through Lodz and Detroit, has officially hit the “shelves” this afternoon on Amazon Instant Stream. The film is viewable there in all its infinite glory, along with the trailer and other relevant content.

Having worked on the film for a long time with a relatively meager budget, we are so proud of the trajectory it has all taken. Perhaps the best part, however, is that the project continues on. We were in Lodz last month continuing to chronicle and capture things as they continue unfold across the pond. We will do the same here. So, suffice to say, I think this is only the beginning of a fun ride with the film and the process of looking at what comes after the industrial era.

The film’s officiate site can be found here
Watch the film via Amazon Instant Stream here

HOW YA DO: Great New Music Video by Detroit Artist Beverly Fre$h

Check out new video from Beverly Fre$h on Detroit-based label sUPERIORbelly. Hot diggity damn do I ever wish we could say we made this video. Sadly, we cannot. Note: The “HOW YA DO,” is an original dance move, resembling a frantic handshake along with an uncontrollably shaky leg that was introduced by Beverly Fre$h on the second single from his latest album “BED” on sUPERIORbelly Records.

It’s Been a While! Hello! …And other notes of progress.


Geez, after something of a hiatus though. For no good reason other than what you may have predicted… “We’ve been busy!” But you expected that, right? Why else would have there have been such an awkward silence? But hey, things have been happening—

Development news seems to be abundant– A new BDubs! Bagger Daves next door! The new Illitch Hockey Arena! The first HATCH business (HUGH) is open! The nights have been fun– Macklemore came to Detroit! Noel Night was smashing! Creative Mornings is now happening in Detroit! Ernie plays slow jams on Mondays at the Woodbridge Pub!

It’s all good.

To boot, we’ve got some great client projects coming down the pipe in the first quarter of 2013 that we are pumped about. Been working with some new clients that are exerting a bit of faith in our process which is fun– ie, we are getting to do more and more in terms of crafting content both in scope and reach. So that’s cool. We’re also looking at a new proper office downtown which has been kind of fun– albeit slow– process. It’s kind of fun seeing all the spaces and envisioning what our little LAUNCH PAD could look like. It’d be fun to throw a party when we open? We’ll see.

As a send off, check out a piece we just completed on Supino Pizzeria for the UIX folks. Dave Mancini is cool as a cucumber– both cause his pizza is stellar, but because he possesses an unassuming knack for recognizing authentic talent and supporting it. Check it out, and WORD UP for now people!

Urban Innovation Exchange: Dave Mancini, Supino Pizzeria from DETROIT LIVES! on Vimeo.

New Client Work: Green Garage Detroit

We’ve been fortunate enough to chronicle the growth and evolution of the Green Garage over the last couple years in Detroit and have put together a piece looking at their work in the city for the Urban Innovation Exchange. The Green Garage is primarily a co-working office space Midtown, but the building itself is pretty amazing– specifically the fashion in which it was renovated. In 1920 it was a Model T showroom, but beginning in 2008 Peggy and Tom Brennan started its rebirth as a fixture in the community. Over the next three years they conducted a zero waste renovation project which implies that essentially nothing was put in the dumpster in the renovation. Old drain pipes are now rails for the staircase, flooring was re-planed and made in to decorative shelving, shingle and tar materials were sold to the state to go in to paving roads, etc. Pretty incredible. Listen to Peggy talk about the building and the community that is formulating around it, giving Detroit’s entrepreneurial community a nice spark.

Urban Innovation Exchange: Peggy Brennan, Green Garage from DETROIT LIVES! on Vimeo.

New Client Work: Quicken Loans, “Made in Detroit” World Series TV Spot ft. Kid Rock

We were pleased to shot some of the footage used in Quicken Loans’ “Made in Detroit” TV spot featuring Kid Rock. It aired during Game 4 of the World Series just after Cabrera smashed a two-run home run to give the Tigs the lead. The ad kept the momentum going when it appeared, though unfortunately, the series didn’t end in our favor. That said, the commercial stands as testament to the momentum and cool things happening in the city right now. Check it out here:

“After the Factory” Tour Film Revealed

In early 2012 we toured through Europe premiering the film in Poland, Germany and the Netherlands. From those days on the road we created a tour film showing the value of getting “After the Factory” out in to the world. The film is a short piece that aims to share a bit of the fun that comes along with traveling to places and creating discussion from the film. We hope you enjoy it.

After the Factory – On the Road from DETROIT LIVES! on Vimeo.

Today, the Rust Belt Tour continues as we go through cities throughout the United States that have falled victim to much of the same circumstances as Detroit and Lodz. For more information on screenings and the film in general, see the ATF website.

Does Your Town Have a Party Marching Band? Detroit Does.

Not every town in America has a marching band that takes it upon themselves to surprise folks in a variety of circumstances– in a bar while sipping a cocktail or while sitting on the porch enjoying a lazy summer Sunday, for example. The Detroit Party Marching band has certainly honed their craft in the art of creating a good surprise, but they do it in a way that is so unique and fun that people almost hope that they show up on any given day to a place where they will be.

American Hipster Presents, a show going across 10 cities in the US, did a 10 minute episode on the Marching Band and the result is a really vibrant and fun look at but another one of Detroit’s quirky idiosyncrasies:

New Client Work: Urban Innovation Exchange, Soh Suzuki

The latest in the series of short films we’ve been doing for the Urban Innovation Exchange was released today. The piece looks at Soh Suzuki and his work with DAY Project, an organization focused on mentoring Asian American youth.

For more of the work we’ve done with UIX, head over to their website.

The Urban Innovation Exchange: Soh Suzuki, DAY Project from DETROIT LIVES! on Vimeo.

New Client Work: Model D TV

Marlin Colyer: Learning to LEAD from Model D TV on Vimeo.