We were selected by Nokia US to participate in a national campaign in support of the Lumia Icon, a smart phone being released by the company. Our task was to write a story and create a short film that was shot exclusively on the phone– definitely a different sort of project for us. No color correction or audio manipulation was allowed, all audio was recorded on the phone itself (including the original score by Zelda and the Unibrows) and of course we were dealing with the limitations of filming in low light scenarios with a smart phone. It worked out well, and we now present “Harlan VII.” First, the teaser:

… and the full length:

Finally, the behind the scenes video:

Client: Nokia US
Written, produced, directed, shot, edited: Detroit Lives! LLC
Original music: Zelda and the Unibrows


Bruce Reizen as Harlan Ruddecksplainer VII
Janet Colson as Female Attendant
Dave Davies as The Boss
Gary Martin as Big Burly Guy
Margaret Thomas as Old Lady
Jamen Spitzer as Bathroom Guy #1
Tom Kollenberg as Bathroom Guy #2
Brody Webster as Bathroom Guy #3
Peter Benz as Bathroom Guy #4
Cate Lauerman as Bathroom Lady #1