The Detroit Creative Corridor Center (DC3) approached us about producing some content for them to help tell the story of their work in the city. This was a big deal. It officially marked the first moment we thought about developing content for other organizations or businesses– essentially having “clients.” And that sounded really fun. What better a way to help strengthen the message about Detroit than to strengthen its individual parts? That has kind of been the goal all along, and this was a great way to help support that. All of this was a huge revelation. So, we started working with the DC3, asking basic questions to help fuel ideas for how we would tell their story. What is the DC3 doing? How are they doing it? What value are they creating?

The answer, over time, was that the DC3 is doing many things worth noting: playing an influential role in attracting creative sector companies to headquarter in the city (they were instrumental in Skidmore Studio’s move downtown), putting on events like the Detroit Design Festival or playing an active role in developing local talent to help them go from idea generator to enterprise. Light bulbs exploded, and it seemed the best way to tell the story of the DC3’s work was to just highlight the entities they are helping grow. Their success was ultimately the DC3’s success.

And with that realization, we had it. The body of work, as referenced in the title, is being called The Speakers Bureau— a collection of 90 second films featuring the entities the DC3 is working with in order to accelerate creative sector growth in Detroit. What’s even more exciting is that the Speakers Bureau, aside from being a virtual storytelling portal on the web, will also take on real-life forms in a variety of exciting ways to create unique events/happenings/presentations that spread a well substantiated message about the city’s growth.

See the landing page for the Speakers Bureau on the DC3 website here

Bethany Shorb, Cyberoptix Tie Lab:

Rola Nashef, Gas Afterhours Productions:

Tim Smith, Skidmore Studio:

Bethany Betzler and Matt Clayson, The Detroit Creative Corridor Center:

Chazz Miller, Public Art Workz:

Dan Kinkead and Melissa Ditmer, Hamilton Anderson Associates:

Philip Lauri, DETROIT LIVES!:

Josh Dahlberg, Blank Artists:

Noah Stephens, The People of Detroit Photodocumentary:

WillDo Designs:

Oliver Ragsdale Jr., Carr Cultural Arts Center:

Patrick Thompson, Patrick Thompson Design: