From DJ Benny Ben, curator of mix #2:

“What I set out to do here was not to create anything chronological, or to create a “Best of Detroit” mix or anything like that. I just grabbed a bunch of records from Detroit and surrounding areas and threw a mix together off the head. I rarely go into a mix with an exact idea of what I want to do. I just start with a general skeleton and fill in the rest. After its done, then I go back and probably try to read too much into the way it came out and come up with ideas of what must have been in my subconscious mind when I mixed record B into record A. Whatever. I’d like to recognize Hugh Whitaker for recording and post producing this meandering mix for me. Special thanks to Hubert Sawyers III and Detroit Lives!, too. Sky Children. DSO. Butter Made. Enjoy.”

01. Slum Village “Untitled/ Fantastic”
02. Slum Village “Scheming” (w/ J. Dilla & Posdnous)
03. T Da Pimp “Why You Lookin’ Hard?” (prod. J. Dilla)
04. Elzhi “Deep” (prod. Black Milk)
05. K.O.B & The Saw “Don’t Look No Further”
06. The J To The D “Sackchaser (Original Mix)”
07. SP “Motown (Unity Remix)”
08. Phat Kat “F.A.N.S. (Benny Blend)”
09. Aaliyah “Hot Like Fire (Timbaland™s Groove)”
10. Danny Brown “Thank God”
11. Illa J “Strugglin'” (prod Jay Dee)
12. Black Milk “Closed Chapter” (w/ Mr. Porter)
13. Jay Dee “Featuring Phat Kat”
14. Intact Beats “Grow” (w/ Leaf Erikson & Baatin)
15. Natives From Da UndaGround “Pack Da House (No Bassline Mix)” (w/ Crystal Clear, prod. J. Dilla)
16. R.I.C.A.N. “The Main Feature” (w/ Ella Duval) (prod. Summit Stoupis AKA Uncle Paulie)
17. Precise Hero “Range” (prod. SP)
18. Sabreteeth “Kevin Spacon” (EXCLUSIVE)
19. Kaos & Mystro “Mystro On The Flex”
20. KMC Kru “The Devil Came Up To Michigan”
21. U.C. “Get Geeked”
22. Tre Black “Put Ya Back Into It’
23. Goon Sqwad “Everywhere We Go (We Deep)”
24. Mayer Hawthorne “The Ills”
25. DJ Shortstop “Lets Run Bustos (Benny Blend)”
26. B.L.A.K.E. Eerie & Hugh Whitaker “Warm Weather, Cold Hearts”
27. Will Sessions “Kindred EP”
28. 14 KT “The Name Game (Benny’s Shout Out Mix)”
29. Crown Royale “After All (14KT Turntable Remix)” (w/ Kam Moye)