Guerrilla art: A low-key way to craftily project your message. There’s oodles of methods out there– a stencil, leaving on a note on a park bench for someone to see, cut a secret message in to your grass to be seen from above, do some moss graffiti, drop a message in the mail to a random person.  Hell, people are even doing guerrilla gardening in Detroit.

Bottom line: there are plenty of ways to get your message out there.

In the Winter of 2009, before Michigan Central Station was guarded whatsoever, we had a little fun with some non-permanent guerrilla style art inside.  The train station, of course, is the Michigan Central Depot– the world’s tallest train station when it was built in 1913– and arguably one of the more popular icons in Detroit. There’s been attempts to demolish it and an equal amount to save it. They talked about putting the DPD Headquarters there, Hollywood films have shot inside of it. Matty Maroun, the billionaire slumlord who owns the building, makes casual improvements here and there. So, what does the future hold for this monstrosity of a building?

One February morning, using four human feet and scrap metal laying inside the main hall of the train station, DETROIT LIVES! was etched and arranged amongst all the rubble on top of the snow. Three months later, with the snow obviously gone, the metal was still arranged to form the word LIVES!

You be the judge.