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DETROIT LIVES!, in conjunction with Public Art Workz and Blight Busters, presents MANTRACITY (mantra+city+monstrosity), a mural project where positive, witty and casually motivational messages are painted on sites throughout Detroit with permission from the owner(s) of the building.

The first installment in the series is the “We Kahn do it!” mural in New Center at Brush and Milwaukee. The “Kahn” reference refers to the fact that while looking at the mural wall, three Albert Kahn buildings are seen in the background off to the right. Kahn has been referred to as the architect of Detroit and was one of the most respected industrial architects of his time.

The design of the wall was done by Philip Lauri from DL!. The wall is being generously supported by Patrick Thompson Design of Detroit. Related blog posts discussing the mural project are available here.

See the evolution of the very first MANTRACITY Mural:

See photos of the mural in progress below.