Springtime is a comin’, and probably one of the larger events that takes a hold of this city is the Detroit Electronic Music Festival, or Movement, or DEMF– whatever it might be that you call it. As you may recall from last year, the Beehive Art Installation was a smashing success during the festival (photos and info). Seven artists from varying disciplines came together to create this little pod of goodness that provided a space for informal, critical conversation while serving as a metaphor for the city of Detroit by referencing the hive as a valuable model for community and collaborative production. See this photo of it by Vanessa Miller:

To continue the legacy, the program has grown some legs this year and is being called CAMP– Community Arts Moving Program. As part of that, the planning committee is looking for 5 to 7 teams of artists to produce art installations for this year’s festival. Even better, teams will be given a stipend of $1,000 to go towards the production of the installation. Even better better, each team will be given festival perks and promotion over the course of the weekend. Interested? Curious? Have some questions? Attend the workshop being held on Thursday, March 10th at 6pm, inside the Detroit Creative Corridor Center at the Taubman Center (460 W. Baltimore).

Important: RSVP to campdetroit@gmail.com and your name will be left at the security desk to get in to the meeting.