Detroit: Where Young People Make a Difference

Got a tip on an article in Crain’s posted yesterday from the good folks over at I AM YOUNG DETROIT. The message: young Detroiters need to be involved from the ground up on Detroit’s continued success. Vince Keenan with the non-profit Publius says it pretty well:

“There’s an emerging sensibility that we need to change old thinking,” he said. “Not to say there aren’t smart, capable, nimble minds that are over a certain age, (but) we need a broader pool of ideas to pull from on certain issues we face. … Heavy lifting is a job for the young, anyway.”

There you have it.

The rest of the article dances around corporate structures and why boards should be diversifying their membership and that young people can have increasingly more clout and influence in these sorts of arenas.

Read the full article here.

Crain’s Rallies Young Creatives to Create Ads

We all heard about TIME commissioning local agencies a while back to create ads that encouraged young people to live and stay in Detroit. The ads themselves left something to be desired; they just sort of missed the boat in executing a very thoughtful and interesting project. Four months later, Crain’s swoops in after rallying young creatives to do essentially the same thing, but this time the results are actually quite interesting and dynamic. Students at CCS created the DFACTO campaign which takes a bit of vibrant humor, throws in some honest truth about the benefits of living in Detroit and puts it all together in a sexy little package that sings. Graphically, it’s very straightforward and stimulating with colors and imagery that are actually reflective of the lifestyles of people in their 20’s. Some of the other submissions involve real-life examples of the folks that are taking advantage of the real opportunity in the Detroit– like Nate at the Burton Theater who started a business on six grand with some friends. Instead of saying “it’s cheap to open a business in Detroit” the results of this go around actually give plenty of examples of the folks that are on the ground actually doing it. All of which is enticing no matter which way you slice it, because that’s the true incentive, right? Seeing it CAN be done. So, sure, everyone in their brother may not thrive in Detroit, but that sub-group of young people with the right ambition and a bit of drive can quite literally change the game and create here unlike any other city in the country.

M1 LightRail Moving Forward

The M1 LightRail project has reached another agreement to push it forward with construction to likely begin before the end of this year and be completed within 18 months. Yes, that’s a pretty aggressive construction plan, but the resources are apparently in place to keep things moving at a leisurely pace. The line would go for about 3.5 miles along Woodward with a northern point (for now) being New Center. Their are loose talks about continuing it even further up near 8 mile at the Fairgrounds. Check out this article from Crain’s that discusses in depth a lot more of the ins and outs of the plan.

Music, Events and Goodness. Lots of Goodness.

The good news is rolling in: live music is all over the map this weekend from Fucking Awesome Fest to Gold Festival where you can see anything from London-based indie starlets Art Brut to local metalheads Bahamut. And geez, the Dream Cruise is happening and Michigan is experiencing an upturn in tourism this quarter. So get out this weekend, surprise yourself and, well, hey– get… crazy. Yep.