Beaux Arts Style Detroit Savings to be Demolished– Let’s Speak Up

Curbed Detroit, Historic Detroit and other preservationists are crying bloody murder over Toronto-based investment company Triple Properties’ plans to demolish the State Savings Bank in downtown Detroit for a parking garage. Wahh, wahhhh, wahhhhhhhh.

I can’t seem to find any personal contact for Triple Properties CEO Andreas Apostolopoulos, but perhaps a phone call or letter to Triple Properties telling them how important this building is to the city may have an effect. Better than nothing I suppose, and it’s an actionable response as opposed to just thrusting our dissatisfaction in to the Interwebs. Info below:

Triple Properties Inc.
174 Bartley Drive
North York
Toronto, ON M4A 1E1

Phone: (416) 751-4242

For more information on the history and story behind the demo plans, read a recent article on Curbed Detroit.

Winter ain’t stopping us! The small biz train barrels on in Detroit

Good morning and good week.

I heard through the grapevine and confirmed it through a blog post that Hatch Detroit participants, the brothers Newman, and their brainchild the Detroit Institute of Bagels, have secured a location for their business. Right next to PJ’s Lager House nonetheless! Soon, we will have our very own (delicious!) bagel shop. Well done, bagel’eers.

(I just noticed that this news was revealed by the Huffington Post yesterday, you can read their detailed account of the announcement here.)

Bagel shops aren’t the only thing making moves around town:

The M1 LightRail gang, mostly foundation and corporale folks, are saying they will push ahead with plans to keep the light rail alive as an addendum to the regional high-speed bus system. Charles Pugh is an outspoken supporter of this. More!

Curbed Detroit, the real estate blog, revealed plans for the ground level restaurants that will occupy the soon-to-be-renovated Broderick Tower. There are three of them. Get the deets here.

And JOBS! Holy smokes, WDET is hiring. Ever dream of being a producer for the Craig Fahle Show? This could be your opportunity. See the job posting, a full-time gig mind you, here.