Good Showing at Bureau!

Need another Detroit blog fix? This guy/gal aint so bad: One More Spoke. The content kind of dips and turns, always presenting thoughtful perspectives on our fair city. I find it to be a nice way to start the day. Have a look yourself. Things went real nice last night at Bureau of Urban Living. The opening was great, had a fair amount of people come by to check out the new goods:

The Traffic Jam Pale Ale went down like butta, and there were some eats from Avalon, too. Not too shabby. Reception seemed pretty positive towards the new stuff. Get your buns over to Bureau and pick up some of the pieces. More designs are in the works for shirts that should be ready by mid-May. All products will eventually be available for purchase on the soon-to-be brand-spanking-shiny-new-disco-sexy-sweetness website. The appearance is not changing at all, but the format of the site is getting an overhaul, bringing in a bunch of blog-related features and a more friendly store/shopping cart. Stay tuned and thanks to those who came out last night for the show.

Detroit Land, The Future

Detroit has a land bank? What is a land bank? Essentially an authority to manage and develop foreclosed property. Bing recently appointed Deborah Younger the treasurer of this authority and is now faced with having to raise the money to get the land bank off the ground. Now, Darrell Dawsey, one of the three writers from TIME’s Detroit Blog, interviewed Deborah. In two parts, she discusses the current issues that have warranted creating the land bank and then the opportunities that lie in Detroit’s future when the land bank develops a vision for Detroit. It is a stunning interview in the sense that it gives some very specific visibility in to the workings of renewal. Suddenly, we are able to gain a vantage point and understand some of the components of what will make Detroit work. And it’s all accessible stuff, not some distant cryptic developer talk. And it’s all substantiated. It feels like making the land bank work could be a colossal force in re-invention. If you don’t have the time to read both parts, at least read part two. Part 1. Part 2.

Barlow Strikes Again in NYTimes

Toby Barlow writes another stunner in the NYTimes Sunday print edition. He discusses Le Petit Zinc, a restaurant at 1055 Trumbull near Corktown. It seems that through the story told by the owner, there is no better place to open a business these days. Similarly, Karen Dybis, part one of the three part blogger ensemble with TIME’s Detroit Blog, couldn’t agree more in a recent post. Detroit is shouting!

While you’re at it, you can read the recent DL! interview with Toby Barlow here.

Detroit: Media Darling

Articles covering Detroit are here, there, everywhere.  El Senor Daniel Okrent, the gentleman who wrote the TIME cover story, discusses Detroit and its prosperous future with NPR. Thomas Morton, the feller who wrote the Vice article that helped coin Jim Griffioen’s “ruin porn” slang, is interviewed via podcast for NPR’s segment “On the Media.” Assignment Detroit is still chugging along, dancing between topics of blight and hope. Their blog is getting reviews from near and far as they continue to report on Detroit… in Detroit. This concludes our segment of link-droppping. Thanks for reading.