So, in 1970’s post Vietnam Detroit there was a jam band called Stonefront that became quite popular. Their homebase and creative nexus was a place called the Garwood Mansion. Originally built by a fellow named, hey!, Gar Wood, this sucker had 43 seperate rooms altogether, 18 of which were bedrooms– each with their own full bathroom. (Ol’ Gar was bringing home the bacon as an engineer inventing and manufacturing the first hydraulic hoist for dump trucks. Weird. And get this, Gar was an avid boat racer. Yeah. In fact, when showing up to the Fisher-Allison Trophy Race on the Niagara River at Buffalo, he an his mechanic were dressed in evening wear– coats, ties, the whole kit. They then proceeded to smoke everyone in all three heats and took the cup– still looking pristine in their suits). This mansion, this monstrosity of a palace, by some odd chain of events, fell in to the hands of Detroit jam band Stonefront. Yeah, seriously. They promptly became very well known for the parties they threw over the years at Garwood. If you were a prominent touring rock ‘n roll artist, you went to Garwood. It was a legend in its own rite. Photojournalist John Collier captured a good chunk of the events that unfolded at Garwood over the years and has some of the photos available for viewing here— definitely, definitely worth a browse.