The media has been laying it on thick with chatter about Detroit as a hotbed for business startup and innovation. Barriers to entry are low, startup costs amount to a fraction of the total cost compared to other cities and their is a community in place that wants to see small, independent business thrive. Entrepreneur Magazine recently put Detroit in a list of best places to start a business, tagging Detroit as a city where “entrepreneurs have the latitude to forge their own path.” See the full list and other cities that were included. Seperately, Karen Dybis with Assignment Detroit did an interview with Jeff Sloan, fellow behind NextWave, a business incubator up in Troy housing 35 startups that will soon expand nationally. Some of the optimism in the interview is another expression of people that believe in the city and region as a whole which suggests the mental image associated with Detroit is changing. Then there’s TechTown, the WSU non-profit that many seem to have heard of, but few are actually aware of what they really do. To aid in creating a sustainable business environment, TechTown currently is incubating 160 different startups through their SmartStart program. The program takes the creative business models for proposed businesses and assists with development to help them succeed. Time to do it in Detroit, people.