Link Dropper

Link Wray, the rock and roll maestro, churned out songs like the popular “Rumble” and the not-nearly-as-popular-but-equally-if-not-more-exciting “Raw-Hide.” Many would argue that Link (and his Ray Men) were wholeheartedly responsible in 1958 for creating the power chord. Yeah. Believe it. But guess what, this aint no music blog as much as I sometimes want it to be, and so today I introduce you not to LINK WRAY, but rather LINK DROPPA– the new character in the DL! universe responsible for sharing important weblinks. Wow, that was such a wordy introduction.

First, a recent post by Karen Dybis with TIME’s Detroit Blog supporting the DL! film “The Farmer and Philosopher.” In the article, Karen urges readers to VOTE FOR THE FILM ON CURRENT.COM (so as to increase the possibility that the film will be on national television). Word on the street is that following Karen’s advice is actually a brilliant idea.

Second, Scott Gast wrote some awfully pleasant words about DL!— “the creativity factory of sorts”– on his blog The Butterfly Generation.

Finally, just when you thought Midtown was on a roll, dig this to keep the wave going– a brand new meat laboratory to be installed at Cass and Canfield in the mix with all the other cool cats in the area (Burea of Urban Living, City Bird, Motor City Brewing Works, Traffic Jam, etc). Bring on the smoked sausage and other meat-sorts of stuff.

Washington Post Poll Reveals Optimism

Just yesterday the Washington Post released an article revealing some findings from a survey conducted in the area. And yes, some gaping holes are revealed in participant’s desires versus what Detroit is actually offering right now, BUT, the most staggering revelation comes with the realization that even on paper a shitload of people believe in Detroit. That is, 63% of those surveyed are optimistic about the future of the city (see a visual map of the full survey). Talk about getting some mmomentum going! It can start right there. Karen Dybis, writer with the Time’s Assignment Detroit blog, was also quite exhilirated over the figure. And so perhaps it all starts with that vision, that desire.

Barlow Strikes Again in NYTimes

Toby Barlow writes another stunner in the NYTimes Sunday print edition. He discusses Le Petit Zinc, a restaurant at 1055 Trumbull near Corktown. It seems that through the story told by the owner, there is no better place to open a business these days. Similarly, Karen Dybis, part one of the three part blogger ensemble with TIME’s Detroit Blog, couldn’t agree more in a recent post. Detroit is shouting!

While you’re at it, you can read the recent DL! interview with Toby Barlow here.