TONIGHT! “After the Factory” Screens at Main Art in Royal Oak

Showtime is tonight at 7pm, with doors opening for seating at 6:30pm. Buy tickets at the door or online here. We will do a Q+A after the screening to discuss the film and address any questions, and have some of the limited run of 75 film posters for sale if you want to pick one up.

Hope to see you there!

After the Factory Screening Date Added in Royal Oak, March 22

Good news: We’ve scheduled a screening date at the Main Art Theatre in Royal Oak on March 22. The film will show at 7pm. Click here to purchase tickets in advance or buy them directly at the box office to get around service fees.

We will be making some special announcements about the screening in the coming weeks, so get your tickets while you can! In the meantime, here is the absolutely stunning photograph that Marvin Shaouni took at the world premiere of ATF at the Detroit Film Theatre.

TFATP Screening at Main Art Theatre

A happy Sunday to you indeed.

As it turns out, the DL!’verse is still spinning, and by spinning, I mean “The Farmer and the Philosopher” is screening on Tuesday this week (2/2) as part of Mitten Movie Project. We’ve discussed MMP before, but it’s basically a monthly film festival that takes place at the Main Art in Royal Oak showcasing independent local filmmakers. It’s pretty fun. The bill is looking good for this month’s installment, chock full of all kinds of firepower. WDET has been airing some interviews and stuff with Connie Mangilin, the gal behind the wheel of the whole project. Anyway, it’s all getting going at 7:00 with a reception before. The films start rolling at 7:30pm (this was corrected, it used to 8pm. The correct time is 7:30pm). TFATP is towards the end of the bill screening in the latter part of the evening. Come on out and see the film on the big screen. Maybe throw in a cold beer or two? Forget about it. Come to think of it, make it an evening and head over to Ferndale after to Club Bart for a little Honky Tonk Tuesday.

HONKY TONK TUESDAY?! Is that what I hear you saying? Believe it. Easily one of the more redeeming musical affairs in the metro area, every week it’s a turn-back-the-clock affair re-hashing the sounds of Merle, Waylon, Conway, George, Ernest, Johnnie and Hank. The music usually starts a bit before 10pm, so it’s actually the perfect night in the making.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010. Who knew?!

Mitten Movie Project

Mitten Movie Project, a monthly showcase of local independent films, will be screening an array of pieces tonight at the Main Art Theatre in Royal Oak. The content ranges from PSA’ish material about saving MCS to animation cartoon shorts. The monthly screenings continue November 3 with Zombie Night, and December 1 with a “best of” where attendees can vote on their favorite pieces from the year.

And yes, of course, Go Tigers!