Toby the Tank Engine Keeps Writing

Shorpy threw up another photo. Are these still interesting? Christ, I think so.

Toby Barlow, the ace who was featured in The Farmer and the Philosopher, put together a real nice article for Under the Influence’s Detroit Issue. You can read it on Toby and Phil Cooley’s (Owner of Slow’s BBQ) blog site “Remains of the D.” They are doing some cool projects over there in the media-verse– some photography work and an upcoming fundraiser for Dai Hughes’ Astro Coffee project to go in to the Slow’s MegaMall on Michigan Avenue (the building with the star and the army’esque looking gal pointing a rifle).

They linked to a cool article from Model D about a distinguished French gentleman that thinks it is OH-SO-WISE to be investing greenbacks in Detroit. Beautiful.

Tonight! TONIGHT! TONIGHT! Ahhh, geez. Genesis always gets the best of me. But. What I was trying to say is that MOCAD is hosting a fantastic (FREE!) film screening tonight– a look at some rare arhival footage of Detroit from the Prelinger archives. The deets, my friends, are best located here.


Shorpy strikes again wih another cool Detroit photo, this one from around 1902 of the old post office.

The film got a basic writeup in local publication MLive, see it here.

And finally, a group of business leaders and community-minded people have been meeting for a while now to produce the DETROIT DECLARATION. It’s a pledge that we can make to adhere to 12 different principles that will keep our city on the right track. See the site and go ahead and declare Detroit for yourself. Tell your friends.


Whoo! Been a bit here, there and everywhere. Lots of good stuff happening.

For starters, Shorpy threw up another cool photo of Detroit near old Campus Martius and City Hall. There have been previous photos posted in the last year– here and here most notably.

Been working heavily on the film screening that will be happening on January 14. Some other artists (Vanessa Miller, Alan Scheurman) will be participating in the event to produce a larger exhibit under the theme of Detroit’s colossal force and ability. So yes, the film will screen, but there are going to be a lot of other great people involved displaying their work, showing you some new stuff on their project and generally unearthing a lot of the great stuff going on in the city. It’s art + awesome + action that equates to something of a dynamite explosion for Detroit. So! This is good. The event will take place at the Ladbybug Gallery in the Southwest on January 14, and at this point there is even a chance that some derivation of the show will run for a longer period of time. WHOO!

Other than that, the posts should be back to normal now with the holidays cooling down. Stay tuned for all kinds of new stuff happening.

Detroit Early Photographs

It’s interesting the sorts of reactions you get when you try to show photos or evidence of success in Detroit’s past. Pictures of people lining the streets in old Campus Martius make people moan and groan about the current state of affairs in the city. But does it really have to be that way? Can’t it just be interesting to look at old photos of Detroit?! But even then, every city, rust belt or otherwise, will at some point be in Detroit’s shoes through their own descent or humble beginning. So it’s not so bad. We get to re-invent the future. Anyway, the over-arching idea was to show some more old pictures of Detroit that are pretty cool. This one was blogged about a while back, and now Shorpy, the “always something interesting” historian’s wet dream website, has put out another photo of Detroit that is quite stunning– a visual of Fort and Woodward in 1917. How about those suits? Man!