This is Your Dose of Feel-Good

Holy crap, take a break for a second and Detroit starts exploding. First, call it just a winner of a celebration: THE MARCHE DU NAIN ROUGE. Seriously folks, this parade, dress-up day, party and see your friends kind of Sunday was really something else. Highly reccomend this one for next year. A lot of people came out and started the day at 3rd bar adorned in everything from priest’s garb to snowman outfits. The parade assembled and proceeded through the Cass Corridor as everyone chased the little red dwarf right on out of town and sent him away in a burning mess of flames that concluded the party in Cass Park. Everyone went to Temple Bar after and had a few drinks. The weather was beautiful, the sun shining. Simple. It was a good day.

The good news is still coming! Over the weekend, filming began for the second round of documentary shorts. So the films will keep coming in the same vein as The Farmer and the Philosopher. No details can really be hardened up for now as to when things will be ready and released, but at this point, it’s all adhering to a pretty aggressive timeline.

Finally, don’t forget about “State of the City” this week (and the Model D Speaker Series that will include a forum discussion after the address). Bing will deliver his speech on a forward vision for the city. The pieces are coming together. Toni Griffin, renowned city planner, has been commissioned by the Kresge Foundation to bring her team to Detroit and start to put the pieces together. Toni has experience working with a very similar city to Detroit that has been talked about here: Newark, NJ. The same town that has a documentary series about them on the Sundance Channel about how the city is actually turning on a dime and see much success. So, now, is Detroit next for Ms. Griffin and her team? Hear more on Tuesday when Bing starts talking shop on something of a plan.

HAA Lecture Series Continues

Hamilton Anderson Associated hosts ongoing lectures at the Johanson Charles Gallery near Eastern Market. The lectures most frequently dance around the topic of design, urbanism, art and architecture related to Detroit. The next lecture in the series is titled “THE CITY OF DESIRE, CITY OF POSSIBILITIES” by Lars Graebner– an architect and lecturer at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. From the website, “Gräbner believes Detroit has valuable unrecognized assets and possibilities for a new urban environment we may not realize. In this lecture he will present realized examples, which could create a desire for a socially, economically, culturally and environmentally sustainable city – a city, which will look quite different from the one we anticipate.” The talk is taking place October 13, 2009 at 6pm. Yep, pencil that one on in. More info here. No excuses.